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Essential oils are the natural constituents of plants that give the plant its characteristic aroma.  When used in their purest form in Aromatherapy, they provide a wide range of psychological & physiological health benefits.  From easing muscular pain, to improving the complexion and reducing stress and anxiety there is an almost unlimited list of therapeutic uses, and as studies and research continue yet more are found.


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Basil 10ml   £3.50 (£2.92 ex VAT) view Basil 10ml buy now Basil 10ml
Basil 50ml   £12.00 (£10.00 ex VAT) view Basil 50ml buy now Basil 50ml
Basil 100ml

£22.50 (£18.75 ex VAT) view Basil 100ml buy now Basil 100ml
Bay 10ml   £3.50 (£2.92 ex VAT) view Bay 10ml buy now Bay 10ml
Bay 5ml
Pimenton racemosa             Sweet/Spicy                        West Indies
£2.00 (£1.67 ex VAT) view Bay 5ml buy now Bay 5ml
Bay 50ml   £12.00 (£10.00 ex VAT) view Bay 50ml buy now Bay 50ml
Benzoin Resin 5ml
Styrax benzoin               Warm, Rich                    Sumatra
£2.00 (£1.67 ex VAT) view Benzoin Resin 5ml buy now Benzoin Resin 5ml
Benzoin Resin 10ml   £3.50 (£2.92 ex VAT) view Benzoin Resin 10ml buy now Benzoin Resin 10ml
Benzoin Resin 50ml   £7.50 (£6.25 ex VAT) view Benzoin Resin 50ml buy now Benzoin Resin 50ml
Benzoin Resin 100ml   £17.00 (£14.17 ex VAT) view Benzoin Resin 100ml buy now Benzoin Resin 100ml
Bergamot (BF) 5ml
Citrus bergamia              Delicate & refreshing       Italy
£2.00 (£1.67 ex VAT) view Bergamot (BF) 5ml buy now Bergamot (BF) 5ml
Bergamot (BF) 10ml   £3.50 (£2.92 ex VAT) view Bergamot (BF) 10ml buy now Bergamot (BF) 10ml
Bergamot (BF) 50ml   £10.00 (£8.33 ex VAT) view Bergamot (BF) 50ml buy now Bergamot (BF) 50ml
Bergamot (BF) 100ml   £18.50 (£15.42 ex VAT) view Bergamot (BF) 100ml buy now Bergamot (BF) 100ml
Bois de Rose 5ml
Aniba rosaeodora              Woody, floral, spicy            Brazil
£2.00 (£1.67 ex VAT) view Bois de Rose 5ml buy now Bois de Rose 5ml
Bois de Rose 10ml   £3.50 (£2.92 ex VAT) view Bois de Rose 10ml buy now Bois de Rose 10ml
Bois de Rose 50ml   £7.00 (£5.83 ex VAT) view Bois de Rose 50ml buy now Bois de Rose 50ml
Bois de Rose 100ml   £12.00 (£10.00 ex VAT) view Bois de Rose 100ml buy now Bois de Rose 100ml
Cajuput 5ml
Melaleunca leucadendron      Medicinal         Vietnam
£2.00 (£1.67 ex VAT) view Cajuput 5ml buy now Cajuput 5ml
Cajuput 10ml   £3.00 (£2.50 ex VAT) view Cajuput 10ml buy now Cajuput 10ml
Cajuput 50ml   £5.50 (£4.58 ex VAT) view Cajuput 50ml buy now Cajuput 50ml
Cajuput 100ml   £9.50 (£7.92 ex VAT) view Cajuput 100ml buy now Cajuput 100ml
Caraway 5ml
Carum carvi                    Warm, Spicy              Poland
£2.50 (£2.08 ex VAT) view Caraway 5ml buy now Caraway 5ml
Caraway 10ml   £3.50 (£2.92 ex VAT) view Caraway 10ml buy now Caraway 10ml
Caraway 50ml   £13.00 (£10.83 ex VAT) view Caraway 50ml buy now Caraway 50ml
Caraway 100ml   £24.50 (£20.42 ex VAT) view Caraway 100ml buy now Caraway 100ml
Carrot Seed 5ml
Daucus carota                Warm, earthy                 France
£4.50 (£3.75 ex VAT) view Carrot Seed 5ml buy now Carrot Seed 5ml
Carrot Seed 10ml   £7.50 (£6.25 ex VAT) view Carrot Seed 10ml buy now Carrot Seed 10ml
Carrot Seed 50ml   £28.50 (£23.75 ex VAT) view Carrot Seed 50ml buy now Carrot Seed 50ml
Carrot Seed 100ml   £55.00 (£45.83 ex VAT) view Carrot Seed 100ml buy now Carrot Seed 100ml
Cedarwood,Atlas 5ml
Cedrus atlantica                Warm, woody                Morocco
£2.00 (£1.67 ex VAT) view Cedarwood,Atlas 5ml buy now Cedarwood,Atlas 5ml
Cedarwood,Atlas 10ml   £3.00 (£2.50 ex VAT) view Cedarwood,Atlas 10ml buy now Cedarwood,Atlas 10ml
Cedarwood,Atlas 50ml   £7.50 (£6.25 ex VAT) view Cedarwood,Atlas 50ml buy now Cedarwood,Atlas 50ml
Cedarwood,Atlas 100ml   £12.00 (£10.00 ex VAT) view Cedarwood,Atlas 100ml buy now Cedarwood,Atlas 100ml
Cedarwood,Virginian 5ml
Juniper virginiana              Mild, Sweet             USA
£2.00 (£1.67 ex VAT) view Cedarwood,Virginian 5ml buy now Cedarwood,Virginian 5ml
Cedarwood,Virginian 10ml   £2.50 (£2.08 ex VAT) view Cedarwood,Virginian 10ml buy now Cedarwood,Virginian 10ml
Cedarwood,Virginian 50ml   £5.00 (£4.17 ex VAT) view Cedarwood,Virginian 50ml buy now Cedarwood,Virginian 50ml
Cedarwood,Virginian 100ml   £12.00 (£10.00 ex VAT) view Cedarwood,Virginian 100ml buy now Cedarwood,Virginian 100ml
Cinnamon 5ml
Cinnamomum zeylandicum      Warm, Spicy            Sri Lanka
£4.00 (£3.33 ex VAT) view Cinnamon 5ml buy now Cinnamon 5ml
Cinnamon 10ml   £3.50 (£2.92 ex VAT) view Cinnamon 10ml buy now Cinnamon 10ml
Cinnamon 50ml   £7.50 (£6.25 ex VAT) view Cinnamon 50ml buy now Cinnamon 50ml
Cinnamon 100ml   £12.00 (£10.00 ex VAT) view Cinnamon 100ml buy now Cinnamon 100ml
Citronella 5ml
Cymbopogon nardus         Citrusy, fresh, powerful       Sri Lanka
£1.50 (£1.25 ex VAT) view Citronella 5ml buy now Citronella 5ml
Citronella 10ml   £2.50 (£2.08 ex VAT) view Citronella 10ml buy now Citronella 10ml
Citronella 50ml   £7.00 (£5.83 ex VAT) view Citronella 50ml buy now Citronella 50ml
Citronella 100ml   £11.00 (£9.17 ex VAT) view Citronella 100ml buy now Citronella 100ml
Clary Sage 5ml
Salvia sclarea                Heavy, nutty, herbaceous        Russia
£3.50 (£2.92 ex VAT) view Clary Sage 5ml buy now Clary Sage 5ml
Clary Sage 10ml   £4.50 (£3.75 ex VAT) view Clary Sage 10ml buy now Clary Sage 10ml
Clary Sage 50ml   £16.50 (£13.75 ex VAT) view Clary Sage 50ml buy now Clary Sage 50ml
Clary Sage 100ml   £33.00 (£27.50 ex VAT) view Clary Sage 100ml buy now Clary Sage 100ml
Clove Bud 5ml
Eugenia caryophyllata           Spicy, strong             Madagascar
£2.00 (£1.67 ex VAT) view Clove Bud 5ml buy now Clove Bud 5ml
Clove Bud 10ml   £3.50 (£2.92 ex VAT) view Clove Bud 10ml buy now Clove Bud 10ml
Clove Bud 50ml   £9.50 (£7.92 ex VAT) view Clove Bud 50ml buy now Clove Bud 50ml
Clove Bud 100ml   £17.50 (£14.58 ex VAT) view Clove Bud 100ml buy now Clove Bud 100ml
Coriander 5ml
Coriandrum sativum           Woody, sweet, musky         Russia
£2.00 (£1.67 ex VAT) view Coriander 5ml buy now Coriander 5ml
Coriander 10ml   £3.50 (£2.92 ex VAT) view Coriander 10ml buy now Coriander 10ml
Coriander 50ml   £13.50 (£11.25 ex VAT) view Coriander 50ml buy now Coriander 50ml
Coriander 100ml   £25.00 (£20.83 ex VAT) view Coriander 100ml buy now Coriander 100ml
Cypress 5ml
Cupressus sempervirens        Sweet, smoky               Spain
£2.00 (£1.67 ex VAT) view Cypress 5ml buy now Cypress 5ml
Cypress 10ml   £3.50 (£2.92 ex VAT) view Cypress 10ml buy now Cypress 10ml
Cypress 50ml   £11.00 (£9.17 ex VAT) view Cypress 50ml buy now Cypress 50ml
Cypress 100ml   £20.50 (£17.08 ex VAT) view Cypress 100ml buy now Cypress 100ml
Dill 5ml
Anethum graveolans         Warm, fresh, light            Eastern Europe
£2.00 (£1.67 ex VAT) view Dill 5ml buy now Dill 5ml
Dill 10ml   £3.50 (£2.92 ex VAT) view Dill 10ml buy now Dill 10ml
Dill 50ml   £13.00 (£10.83 ex VAT) view Dill 50ml buy now Dill 50ml
Dill 100ml   £25.00 (£20.83 ex VAT) view Dill 100ml buy now Dill 100ml
Eucalyptus (citriodora) 5ml
Eucalyptus citriodora         Fresh, Citron, strong           China
£1.50 (£1.25 ex VAT) view Eucalyptus (citriodora) 5ml buy now Eucalyptus (citriodora) 5ml
Eucalyptus (citriodora) 10ml   £2.50 (£2.08 ex VAT) view Eucalyptus (citriodora) 10ml buy now Eucalyptus (citriodora) 10ml
Eucalyptus (citriodora) 50ml   £7.00 (£5.83 ex VAT) view Eucalyptus (citriodora) 50ml buy now Eucalyptus (citriodora) 50ml
Eucalyptus (citriodora) 100ml   £12.00 (£10.00 ex VAT) view Eucalyptus (citriodora) 100ml buy now Eucalyptus (citriodora) 100ml
Eucalyptus (globulus) 5ml
Eucalyptus globulus          Harsh, woody                China
£1.50 (£1.25 ex VAT) view Eucalyptus (globulus) 5ml buy now Eucalyptus (globulus) 5ml
Eucalyptus (globulus) 10ml   £2.50 (£2.08 ex VAT) view Eucalyptus (globulus) 10ml buy now Eucalyptus (globulus) 10ml
Eucalyptus (globulus) 50ml   £6.00 (£5.00 ex VAT) view Eucalyptus (globulus) 50ml buy now Eucalyptus (globulus) 50ml
Eucalyptus (globulus) 100ml   £12.00 (£10.00 ex VAT) view Eucalyptus (globulus) 100ml buy now Eucalyptus (globulus) 100ml
Fennel, Sweet 5ml
Foeniculum vulgare          Sweet, aniseed, peppery      Spain
£2.00 (£1.67 ex VAT) view Fennel, Sweet 5ml buy now Fennel, Sweet 5ml
Fennel, Sweet 10ml   £3.50 (£2.92 ex VAT) view Fennel, Sweet 10ml buy now Fennel, Sweet 10ml
Fennel, Sweet 50ml   £8.00 (£6.67 ex VAT) view Fennel, Sweet 50ml buy now Fennel, Sweet 50ml
Fennel, Sweet 100ml   £14.00 (£11.67 ex VAT) view Fennel, Sweet 100ml buy now Fennel, Sweet 100ml
Frankincense 10ml   £7.50 (£6.25 ex VAT) view Frankincense 10ml buy now Frankincense 10ml
Frankincense 50ml   £25.00 (£20.83 ex VAT) view Frankincense 50ml buy now Frankincense 50ml
Frankincense 100ml   £40.00 (£33.33 ex VAT) view Frankincense 100ml buy now Frankincense 100ml
Geranium (Bourbon) 5ml
Pelargonium graveolans       Sweet, heavy             Egypt
£3.50 (£2.92 ex VAT) view Geranium (Bourbon) 5ml buy now Geranium (Bourbon) 5ml
Geranium (Bourbon) 10ml   £6.50 (£5.42 ex VAT) view Geranium (Bourbon) 10ml buy now Geranium (Bourbon) 10ml
Geranium (Bourbon) 50ml   £25.00 (£20.83 ex VAT) view Geranium (Bourbon) 50ml buy now Geranium (Bourbon) 50ml
Ginger 5ml
Zingiber officinale            Spicy, sharp,warm           India
£2.00 (£1.67 ex VAT) view Ginger 5ml buy now Ginger 5ml
Ginger 10ml   £3.50 (£2.92 ex VAT) view Ginger 10ml buy now Ginger 10ml
Ginger 50ml   £9.50 (£7.92 ex VAT) view Ginger 50ml buy now Ginger 50ml
Ginger 100ml   £17.00 (£14.17 ex VAT) view Ginger 100ml buy now Ginger 100ml
Grapefruit 5ml
Citrus paridisi                   Sharp, refreshing              Brazil   
£1.50 (£1.25 ex VAT) view Grapefruit 5ml buy now Grapefruit 5ml
Grapefruit 10ml   £3.00 (£2.50 ex VAT) view Grapefruit 10ml buy now Grapefruit 10ml
Grapefruit 50ml   £9.00 (£7.50 ex VAT) view Grapefruit 50ml buy now Grapefruit 50ml
Grapefruit 100ml   £16.00 (£13.33 ex VAT) view Grapefruit 100ml buy now Grapefruit 100ml
Helichrysum 5ml
Helichrysum angustifolium       Intense, rich, honey-like      France
£35.00 (£29.17 ex VAT) view Helichrysum 5ml buy now Helichrysum 5ml
Helichrysum 10ml   £68.00 (£56.67 ex VAT) view Helichrysum 10ml buy now Helichrysum 10ml
Helichrysum 2.5ml   £18.00 (£15.00 ex VAT) view Helichrysum 2.5ml buy now Helichrysum 2.5ml
Ho Leaf 5ml
Cinnamomum camphora         Sharp, pungent         China
£1.50 (£1.25 ex VAT) view Ho Leaf 5ml buy now Ho Leaf 5ml
Ho Leaf 10ml   £2.50 (£2.08 ex VAT) view Ho Leaf 10ml buy now Ho Leaf 10ml
Ho Leaf 50ml   £9.00 (£7.50 ex VAT) view Ho Leaf 50ml buy now Ho Leaf 50ml
Ho Leaf 100ml   £16.00 (£13.33 ex VAT) view Ho Leaf 100ml buy now Ho Leaf 100ml
Hyssop 5ml
Hyssopus officinalis           Aromatic, sweet, warm        Eastern Europe
£4.50 (£3.75 ex VAT) view Hyssop 5ml buy now Hyssop 5ml
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